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Striving For Peaceful Resolutions To Divorce And Family Law Cases

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If you are facing divorce, custody or another family law concern, you already know that this is an emotionally difficult time. What you may not know, however, is that it is often possible to resolve these cases without much contention or family drama.

I am attorney Jaime Cheret, and I have devoted my Maryland family law practice to helping people get through family law matters with as little conflict as possible. Whether we decide on negotiation, mediation or collaborative divorce law, I can guide you through the legal process in a civil manner.

While it’s true that many divorces start out in a traditional litigation posture, most will settle before going to trial. I can explain how to minimize the cost and stress of traditional litigation to resolve your case. For your peace of mind, when you work with me, you work directly with me; I answer my phone, respond quickly to messages and personally perform all the work on your case.

Practice Areas


Child Custody And Support

Estate Planning

Your Family And Relationships Are Worth Protecting

It is natural to feel sad and scared at the thought of your family changing, but with my help, you can get through this process and maintain the important relationships in your life. For example, you will want to preserve a civil coparenting relationship with your children’s other parent. You also want to protect your children and not put them in the middle of custody disputes. I can help you do that by minimizing the conflict between the parties and focusing everyone on the best interests of the children.

I am trained as a Best Interest Attorney (BIA) for children in Maryland. You can be certain that I know how important it is to safeguard them during custody cases.

It Is Also Important To Plan For Your Family’s Future

Major life changes such as a marriage, divorce, remarriage or birth of a child require changes to your estate plan. You may need help crafting your first estate plan or making changes to an existing one. I can assist you with wills, powers of attorney and health care directives. If you are a parent, I can help you name guardians for your children in your will.

Your estate plan also makes your final wishes known and distributes your assets however you choose. Creating and updating your estate plan is a critical part of protecting your family, and I have the experience to help you do it.

Selected To The Rising Stars List From 2017 to 2021

I am a top-rated family law attorney in Catonsville and have been selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers Rising Stars list for five years.