You’ll Feel Good Taking The First Step, And It Starts With A Consultation.

Divorce Is The Start Of A New Life. Make Your First Decisions Wisely.

The first thing to know about divorce is that whatever you are feeling is normal. The second thing to know is that your new life begins with your divorce and the decisions you make about your divorce, including how you divide your shared assets and how to parent your children. These decisions will frame your life for years to come.

I understand both your personal and practical needs, and I take steps to make sure you have access to all your options and that you protect your rights while maintaining civility and minimizing conflict. When you are ready to talk, call me at my office so that we can find a time to meet: 410-394-9126.

Creating Your Best Future Begins With Knowing All Your Options

The first thing we will do when you come into your appointment is talk through your story and your goals. From there, I draw on my over 14 years of experience to create a customized strategy that serves your purposes first and foremost. This includes advocating for you during:

  • Divorce, including both contested and uncontested divorce
  • Property division negotiations, including for couples with business or investment interests
  • Co-parenting issues like child custody, visitation and support orders
  • Spousal maintenance

I am also certified in collaborative law, meaning that I can represent you whether you believe you can come to an amicable agreement or if you need court intervention.

Take Control Of Your Legal Life By Calling 410-394-9126

From my office in Catonsville, I offer much-needed legal advice to families across Maryland. Find out more about how I can support you by emailing me or by contacting Jaime A. Cheret, Esquire directly on my office line.